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0-1-6-2 Lesson 1 – 控制速度,停止 (Controlling Speed, Stopping)


As skiing is based on forces such as gravity, it is important to control these forces in order to control speed, to ski safely yourself and avoid collision with other skiers.

在這一課有二個重點;There are 2 topis, which we will cover in lesson 1
1. 讓自己慢慢的下滑 (Slowing yourself down)
2. 停止 (Stopping)


The snow plow is the most effective way for speed control when beginners take up skiing. Fear of not being able to stop when necessary is a big handicap when people learn to ski. As long as they are scared, learning is very bumpy and progressing is rather slow.
Make sure, before you go on to the next step, learn the snow plow so you can stop whenever needed.

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