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在滑雪的歷史之中,競賽總是扮演刺激滑雪技術進一步的發展,"卡邊"技術就是實例。卡邊轉彎總是選手的目標 - 駕馭被定型的鋼邊做出一定轉彎。



Through out the history of skiing, racing has time and again provided the impetus for further development in skiing technique. This was just the case with "CARVING". The "carved" trun has always beed the aim of racers a turn settered on the shaped edges with limited sideways sliding.

The snowboard scene provided further inspiration. Leaning right into the turn and playing with the forces become trademarks of the boarder scene. FUN CARVIG has beed developed, applying the same principles.






FUN CARVING skis are special equipment for a particular area of use and are in fact the true CARVING skis. The very pronounced sidecut combined with the shorter length of the FUN CARVING ski open up new possibilities for parctised skiers.

Playing with the centrifugal force creates a feeling of weightlessness. Leaning right into the turn. Something up untill now reserved only for snowboarders, is now possible on skis.




練習和技巧((Exercises & Drills)






Pronounced tipping movments, arms wide apart for balance and FUN CARVING without stocks bring FUN CARVERS closer then over to snowboarders.

The basic element of CARVING are identical to those of the racing technique. A wider stance, a pronounced inward lean and a centrally positioned upper body help the CARVING keep his balance.

FUN CARVING try to reach the limits of skiing technique and enjoy moving in this extreme area.




 趣味卡邊轉彎的含義 - "感受你的身體" ,正確的傾倒入彎並且同時使用裝備的最大限。


FUN CARVING means - "experiencing your own body" ,leaning right into the turn and simulataneously makiing the most of the equipment.



在斜滑(橫越滑道)時的練習 (Exercises while traversing)


斜滑(Traverse) - 增加和減少鋼邊的角度(increase and decrease the angle of the edge)。

斜滑(traverse) - 向上踏併變換滑行路線(step into a higher track)。 

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