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0-1-6-8 Lesson 7 - 駕馭饅頭 (Mastering Moguls)



The advanced snow-grooming machines in use today give us perfectly groomed slpoes, but they also mean that in many ski areas moguls are something of the past. These days even the steepest of slopes can be  "smoothened out" by modern equipment.
Despite this, the few remaining mogul runs are still a draw card for many skiers, particularly those who are looking for something more challenging.
In many areas the mogul or "bump" runs are relativly uncrowded and this is another reason why many good skiers prefer them.


Keeping one's balance is the most difficult part, and the skier has to adjust his body position constantly to suit the varying terrain. At a slower speed moguls can be skied using the normal technique but should the speed increase, the skier needs to absorb the moguls with an equalising motion.


1. 以點杖方式在饅頭上練習轉彎,然後以橫滑的方式進入凹溝。
2. 在饅頭頂端連結轉彎。
3. 橫越饅頭時,收縮和伸展雙腿。

1. In a standing position practise turning on the mogul with the pole-plant, then sliding into the trough.
2. Link turns turning on top of the mogul.
3. Traverse over the mogul, absorb by bending and extending the legs.


以正確的技術理論來看,以下的元素是非常重要的! (饅頭上的轉彎重點)
The following elements are important for the correct technique. (THE TURNING POINT ON THE MOGUL)

1. 身體的收放(Absorbtion)

The body's centre of gravity remains on a steady path. When Skiing up the mogul the legs should be bent in the troughs they should be extended.

2. 操控雪板(Steering)

Edging controls the speed, and the snow contact makes it easier to maintain balance.

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