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0-1-6-4 Lesson 3 - 基本轉彎 (Basic Turn)

當我們能做出一些連續的全制動轉彎後﹐自然會想要嘗試嘗試更多的東西。進階到下一個學習進度- 基本轉彎 時﹐就能夠到更多不同的滑道體驗看看了。

After we have managed to link a few controlled snow plow turns we have appetite for more. More terrain becomes accessable to us when we achive the next step in learning process - THE BASIC TURN.
With basic turns we are able to ski intermediate terrain safely, as the ending section of this turn gives the skier more control over the speed. Further, the basic turn is the fundation for progressing towards parallel turns. With the shorter skis used these days this next step will follow soon. The focus shouold be on the ending section of the turn, where the skis are matched and kept parallel for a controlled skidding. This skill will be the fundamental element for further progress.

. 以全制動開始滑行
. 在你(的雪板)超過最大垂直傾斜線後 (fallline),力量轉移到外雪板 (outside ski) – 將外雪板當作主要支點。
. 讓雪板靠近 – 雪板保持滑行。
. 保持你的上半身和雪板為同方向運動 - 避免用身體轉動來轉彎。
. 當信心逐漸建立後,試著提早靠攏雪板。

Important elements:
. Start the turn like a snow plow turn
. After you pass the falline - weight transfer to the outside ski - use the outside ski as plattform
. Match the skis - followed with a controlled skidding
. Make sure your upper body keeps facing the direction of skiing - avoid body rotation!
. With growing confidence - match skis earlier
You should be ready to ski blue runs by now, however make sure to visit a pro from time to time for fine-tuning your technique!

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