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Heliskiing in Canada
Helibelly 發佈於 2009/6/6 (1552 次瀏覽)
Heliskiing with CMH Close your eyes and imagine floating effortlessly through champagne dry powder. Slither down the mountain making perfect S turns, spraying great wakes of powder and glee. If you don’t want to go ski by yourself, a Heli-ski vacation where you stay in a lodge with others seemed like the perfect solution. The lodges in each area are so remote they are accessible only by helicopter in winter. They are luxurious in a mountain-lodge manner, and this is coming from someone whose general motto is: (Never go anywhere your blow drier can’t go.) The food and wine is fantastic, thanks to superb chefs. You are assigned to one of four groups of eleven depending on your ability and experience. One by one, each group and its guide is dropped by the helicopter on top a perfect-powder ski slope some10 to 20 minutes away—the terraine varies from a mile-wide glacier, an open glade, a steep, tight forest, a bowl or snowfield. As the fourth group is landing on top of the run, the first group is making its way to the helicopter pickup at the bottom, anywhere from 800 to 2,200 vertical meters down. The ferrying continues all day, typically eight to 15 times, until daylight or your energy runs out. You never take the same line twice so you never have to ski in anybody’s tracks. Beginning heli-skiiers would enjoy Powder Introduction, instead of the usual one guide, this group has two, each specially trained to provide instruction and encouragement. Rather than down un-weighting when you turn, you keep your weight evenly over both skis in powder. After a few pointers from the guide you would learn how to ski in powder. In powder one ought to keep weight evenly balanced on both skies. Some call it a religious experience. Others say it’s better than sex. CMH can accommodate many levels of skiers as long as you are a strong intermediate with a go-for-it attitude you can do it. Once you’ve tried heli skiing, it becomes a necessity, not a luxury. 80% of CMH’s guests are repeat clients. Part of the passion of these ski weeks is the camaraderie where you make friends for life. Another part is where you are: hundreds of miles from everywhere the nearest town or TV. There are no lift lines, no parking hassles, no reservations to make, no decisions about anything except whether to fly back to the lodge for a Jacuzzi and massage before dinner or to stay out for a few more runs. You can’t help but relax, no matter what you’ve left behind at home. Quoting a seasones heliskiier, “Every time I’d gone heli-skiing I expect that some of the thrill will have dissipated, but the last run of my last trip is always as moving as that first run on my first trip to the Bugaboos when I actually started skiing. You get out of the helicopter, and when the powder settles all you can see are mountains that stretch as far as forever. You step into your skis and look down a run with a vertical view. Adrenalin flowing, you push off the lip, catch a bit of air and sink thigh-high into snow that slows your momentum for that split second when you start to turn. You begin freefalling from one turn to the next, sinking deeper, rising higher, dancing down terrain you can’t see, only feel as the mountainside slips away behind you. It takes your breath and your heart away.” Canadian Mountain Holidays operates from mid-December through mid-May, and a 3-7 day trip ranges from US $1,500 to $10,000. Depending on the lodge, time of year and accommodation (single or double). All prices include your room at the lodge, all meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, transportation to and from Calgary International Airport, Guideing, Heli-skis, guaranteed vertical meters, use of all CMH facilities (sauna, whirlpool, etc.). For enquiries Contact Ben

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